Web 2.0 Applications


Hi, my name is Linn. I’m a student at Queensland University of Technology, and this semester I’m doing a unit about Web 2.0 Applications.

In this blog I will be discussing Tim O’Reillys ingredients to success in Web 2.0, including the patterns:

  1. Harnessing Collective Intelligence
  2. Data is the next “Intel Inside”
  3. Innovation is assemble
  4. Rich user experiences
  5. Software above the level of a single device
  6. Perpetual Beta
  7. Leveraging the long tail
  8. Lightweight models & cost effective scalability

I will post one blog each week, so stay tuned for the next eight weeks!

I’m also posting my blogs at blogg.hibu.no and linnhegebade.net to extend my audience.

The blogs will be written after this template:

  • An overview of the application and its relevance to the current pattern
  • Comparisons with other web 2.0 applications
  • A critical and strategic assessment of the implications of the application within different contexts
  • A range of issues including legal and ethical, associated with the use of the application
  • Future directions of the application.

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